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Hi, I'm Ali...

My passion for all things fitness was ignited following a complete lifestyle change. Going from an overweight bartender, two-time college drop-out, smoker and heavy drinker with no purpose or future path in mind, to a healthy, ambitious and passionate personal trainer, now running my own business.

I completely turned my life around, and now I help other young women do the same, abolishing all fitness myths in the process.

Having been through the process myself, I understand the difficulties faced during weight loss, from the gym fear to adopting a new mindset. Through this understanding I aim to help clients with their own transformations.

My mission is to instill confidence in young women by developing mental and physical strength. I aim to equip all clients with the tools to become the best version of themselves, in an educational and enjoyable way, all while living a sustainable lifestyle.

Ali is a kind hearted soul who is full of joy!
I started with Ali, with no confidence and wasn't comfortable with myself being in the gym. Ali understood this and made me feel welcome and comfortable over the past few months.
She was so supportive and understanding and I felt like I finally got my spark back. In the training I didn't feel like Ali was just a PT but she was a friend who listened to you!
My goal was to feel comfortable and gain confidence and Ali helped me with that, now I'm comfortable to be in the gym on my own and I wouldn't have done that without her!
Couldn't recommend a better PT ever.


I've been doing online coaching with Ali for 4 months now. My main goal was to get strong as I've always felt really weak especially with my upper body.
I can't believe how much strength l've gained in that time, and how much better I feel in my body with the most amount of food l've ever eaten!
I like how Ali encourages online clients to meet her for a PT session in the gym because it helps so much having someone there to push you.
She's so down to earth and immersed in what she does and I wouldn't want to work with anyone else.

I tried and tried for years to lose weight and I never did until I met Ali.
I would deprive myself during the day and overeat at night.
Ali increased my protein and encouraged me to eat regular meals throughout the day. Suddenly all the cravings were disappearing.
8 weeks later and over 5kg gone, I'm happy eating the foods I love and continuing to reach my goals.
Would highly recommend Ali!

Ali's bubbliness and enthusiasm is like no else!
As someone who saw the gym as a chore. It was important to me to get out of that mindset.
We tried different types of sessions in the gym and finally found what I enjoy! It helps having a trainer who always meets you with a smile and makes you laugh!
I really improved my relationship with exercise and I'm very excited to keep going and see where it takes me.

I've been coached by Ali for over a year now and she's never going to get rid of me!! My goal when starting was learning how to lift correctly and get fitter.
We started with training in the gym and I developed so much confidence that I was happy to move online and not fear going to the gym alone.
I'm so happy that I challenged myself, because now I'm the healthiest, strongest and happiest I've ever been. Having Ali by my side made me realise the things I can do, I can't thank you enough for how much you help and how much you care

I always went to the gym, but I never really knew how to structure a workout or training split to suit my goals and just copied instagram workouts.
Since starting with Ali I've learned how to do this and so much more, such as training intensely, why sleep is so important and all about my menstrual cycle.
I feel so confident now in my training, in my nutrition, and myself.
Ali was a diamond and her service is incredible.

I just finished up a 5 month block of training with Ali and I couldn't recommend her enough as a coach!
Ali is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things health and fitness, but also took so much time and care getting to know me on a personal level to understand my goals and struggles. She was so supportive and was always on hand anytime I had a question or concern.
My main goal was fat loss and muscle gain and, I not only achieved these goals but my technique, form and confidence in the gym improved and I can't thank her enough.
Ali is fantastic at what she does and it's obvious she lives and breathes it and wants the absolute best for her clients. Can hand on heart say this is my first but definitely won't be my last time working with Ali!

I trained with Ali leading up to camogie championship season, and I couldn't believe the differences in how I looked and felt in that short space of time.
Ali takes absolutely everything into consideration when setting a plan in place and tailors it so precisely to your goals.
I honestly couldn't recommend her enough, she's so patient and understanding, but you best believe she'll make you work hard which I love.
Ali is so down to earth and professional, I can't wait to train with her again soon!

Not only have I seen a change physically but also mentally.
For me it was trying to get the mindset of mind over matter. Ali really helped with this which positively impacted my fitness journey.
For ages I worried about being the smallest number on the scales and being afraid of high calories. Ali changed my aspect of this.
I now love working out and enjoying higher calories.
Ali is amazing at what she does. Couldn't have asked for anyone better for support and guidance starting off in my fitness journey!


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